One heck of a busy season

At the risk of losing all credibility, I present our next video distraction:


About Mark P. Holtzman

Chair of Accounting Department at Seton Hall University. PhD from The University of Texas at Austin. Worked at Deloitte's New York Office. BSBA from Hofstra University.


  1. This was beyond hysterical. I am so glad there is a parody that portrays accounting busy season. I am going to resend this to all my co-workers.

  2. I heard about that video a while ago, but I purposely avoided it because I thought it was stupid. I couldn't have been more wrong, that was actually hilarious."The food is always greasy and fatty!"

  3. I found this video hilarious. I cannot believe I did not hear about this sooner. I ended up watching this twice it was so funny.

  4. I've actually seen this video and found it kind of depressing. I was also shocked at the accuracy of some of the emotions and stress that rise at an accounting firm.

  5. Funny video; but a profound depiction of life at an accounting firm. You can become so overwhelmed, especially if you are working for one of the "Big 4" accounting firms during busy season that you can easily find yourself in an emotionally charged and stressful environment with persons behaving in a similar manner in an effort to vent.

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